Steamed bamboo (brown version)

Steamed bamboo is for the pressing, steaming under pressure and high temperature. By this treatment, the fibers has been given a beautiful even brown color. And, all natural substances such as sugars are removed from the bamboo. Partly as guaranteed by this treatment is a long life service. Due to the high pressure and special glue addition, there is a very impact-resistant, stiff, durable and strong product is obtained, which is suitable for outdoor applications. Due to this production method, the operation of the product is minimal (in contrast to other composite / plastic products).

Natural bamboo (plain version)

The white bamboo retains the natural light bamboo color. In this product, the natural discoloration is visible. Also, In the final product, the natural substances remains. When exposed to higher temperatures and prolonged sunlight, these natural substances (sugars) exit, causing fungi on the shelves may arise.

Standard dimensions
28 x 135 mm - Length 1500/2400 mm
38 x 135 mm - Length 2400 mm
28 mm plate - 1200 x 2400 mm
38 mm plate - 1200 x 2400 mm

There are countless measurements and machine operations. Please contact us and we will see if the desired size, thickness and processing is soon available.

All ATC stables bamboo planks are finished with the special white exterior 'Nano' oil. By this finish shelves for longer term have a beautiful sheen. The oil can be used for maintenance, and available in packs of 1 and 5 liters. Larger quantities on demand.
All products are, if desired, completely custom and packaged in sets delivered to your desired address in Europe or elsewhere. The ATC composite Bamboo is constructed from thin bamboo strips geslite, mixed with a special adhesive. These are compressed together under high pressure to very strong, durable and visually appealing products.
Through our highly flexible production process we are able to deliver a wide range of thicknesses, widths, lengths and civilizations.

Real craftsmanship, fit again and again on the 100th millimeter precision
ATC Houthandel specializes in wood for body and trailer construction.
ATC Houthandel specializes in wood for body and trailer construction.