The ATC composite Bamboo is constructed from thin bamboo strips geslite, mixed with a special adhesive. These are compressed together under high pressure to very strong, durable and visually appealing products. Due to the high pressure and special glue addition, there is a very impact-resistant, stiff, durable and strong product is obtained, which is suitable for outdoor applications. Due to this production method, the operation of the product is minimal (in contrast to other composite / plastic products).

Bamboo Production

Through our highly flexible production process we are able to provide a very wide range of thicknesses, widths and civilizations.

Bamboo products

All bamboo products are finished with a very special white exterior 'Nano' oil. Due this finish the ATC Bamboo will have a nice shine for a long time. The oil is separated in smaller quantities available to maintain the ATC Bamboo.

ATC Bamboo ®

Thickness: standard stock in 28 and 38 mm
Schaving: tongue and groove, loose profile
Width: 145 mm (135 mm working)
Finish: exterior Nano Oil

ATC Bamboo plates ®

Thickness: 28 and 38 mm
Dimensions: 1220 x 2440 mm

Other operations, thicknesses and sizes on request.

Benefits ATC Bamboo ®

√ The product has virtually no shrinkage / expansion
√ Finished with exterior "NANO" oil
√ Sustainable
√ Beautiful appearance
√ Available from stock
√ Available in small quantities
√ Delivery within 5 working days

Contact the Bamboo products ATC Houthandel

To receive more information about the bamboo products ATC Houthandel? Please contact us. We are located at the Business Park Twente in Almelo. Below you will find our contact details.
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Real craftsmanship, fit again and again on the 100th millimeter precision
ATC Houthandel specializes in wood for body and trailer construction.
ATC Houthandel specializes in wood for body and trailer construction.