Environmental aspects bamboo

People all around the world have become more and more concerned about our environment.

Bamboo is a perfect material because it meets the requirements for sustainable resources, environment, etc. in addition to its quality. Composite bamboo is a unique combination of durability and environmental sustainability. The ATC bamboo composite decking, loose boards surpass the quality of other products, such as parts of hardwood and plastic. It is made from 100% bamboo fiber compressed and treated with natural remedies to remove pests and fungi.
There are more than 1500 species of bamboo. For the ATC composite bamboo the Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) is used. The Moso bamboo grows only in Eastern China (Zhejiang region). In this low mountain area bamboo is very susceptible to large fluctuations in temperature between summer and winter. Because off the large temperature differences Moso bamboo has a dense structure, and it is very suitable for our application.

After about five to six years, the bamboo is ready for processing

The Moso bamboo shoots every year at least one new lot (often even more). Because of this rapid growth the bamboo can be cut down from the bamboo plantations when there 5 to 6-year-old, without decreasing the size of the wood . In other words, for each bamboo that is cut down, there is already a new bamboo growing. For this reason, our entire concession in eastern China is also awarded with a FSC certification.

95% of the bamboo is processed directly into products. The remaining 5% is indirectly consumed, namely for the heating up of the drying ovens. The '' bark 'of the bamboo and the outer few millimeters are used to plait mats, called the famous bamboo blinds. The inner side, including the "baffles" of the bamboo can not be used. These contain too much sugar and minerals. To this inner side to be a few millimeters cut away. The chips are used for the heating of the drying ovens.

For bonding and finishing of our ATC composite bamboo used only European suppliers. Because of this and by keeping the quality in our own hands we can guarantee a very homogeneous product. Bonding requirements are well below the E1 norm.

Panda Bears

Our bamboo products DO NOT endanger the panda bears. The panda bears live in the central mountain ranges of central China and not in the area where we get our bamboo from. Also, the Moso bamboo is too large. The panda bears live near the ground in bamboo species which are easily accessible. The Moso Bamboo has NO leaf growth below 5 meters, and is for the panda no source of food.

The young shoots of Moso Bamboo however are edible for people. In the Zhejiang region you will often find these 'vegetable' next to the rice dishes.

Real craftsmanship, fit again and again on the 100th millimeter precision
ATC Houthandel specializes in wood for body and trailer construction.
ATC Houthandel specializes in wood for body and trailer construction.